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Nintendo Switch

Tohle se objeví brzy…. snad.



The Kostka is a mind boggling explorative voxel adventure featuring two main characters who just wanna get to the end.


When you are small some stuff might be completely out of reach, while being big might limit you in your movement. That’s why we give you two, two completely independent characters.

Coop or Solo

While you could enjoy The Kostka all by yourself, you can as well give one of your controllers to your friend and enjoy The Kostka together.

Tricky Puzzles

Each world comes with new mechanic and each level tries to add something new to the mix. What’s the next thing and will it ever end? Use each character’s specialty like walking through small tunnels or pushing large boxes, slowly discovering dark world where electricity went missing, even out liquids or just make silly snake from boxes.

Many different worlds

Though your adventure you will come across many different hub worlds:

  • Grass – Well you have to get the basics somewhere 🙂
  • Lava – I wouldn’t wanna get burned there to be fair…
  • Ice – Brrr, that seems cold and slippery.
  • Candyland – Hmmm so yummy you might also get stuck somewhere…
  • Fantasy – I feel dizzy…
  • Steampunk – Have you ever wondered how would moving a liquid using wooden pipes work? Me neither but here it is!
  • Modern – Robotization sometimes hurts.

Each hub world has many levels and at the end a a boss to test your qualities.


Počet Hráčů
1-2 (Lokální Co-Op)

Datum Vydání



Steam, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch

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