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Jan Patrovský

Hello, I'm Honza, and I'm the founder of Nejcraft. For a year, I worked on games alone, then I convinced Kuba to join me, and after adding Viktor and Mery, we were able to release our first game, ClicKraft. In the team, I hold the role of a programmer and team manager. Besides that, I have a plethora of programming projects under my belt, such as my own cryptocurrency NejCoin based on Monero, and an Operating System for Computer Craft. You can find all of this and much more here on Github.

Jakub Čipera

Hello, I am Jakub. I like to create games, work in graphical software and I study reproduction graphics for media. I am taking the role of Level Designer and 3D Artist in team.

Viktor Faiman

Level Design, 3D Modeling

Regina Dolhofová

Hello, I am Regi and I am the team annoyer. And given that I have to do something I also try to draw.

Regina Dolhofová 2

Because one Regi is never enough ;).

Marie Gluško

2D Art. WIP

Euler Melo

Oi, my name is Euler Melo and I live in Brazil just shy of 9672 kms from Czech Republic. I am musician for well over 30 years so logically I am the team composer.



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