Publish With Us

Sure, creating our own games is good, but if we already have the necessary tools why not make them available to others too? Many more games can reach new platforms and many more users can discover them. 

We are also developers and we know very well what struggles you have to go through. We strongly believe in every project and we'll happily provide any necessary help.

We're a small team so publishing any single game takes some time, as a result every game has its time to shine. In addition we are continuously helping developers learn new stuff.

All of that and more starting at 5%

How it works

You are here

You just happen to find this website. Your journey starts here, after you contact us, the process begins.

1 day

We'll call and discuss any details. It takes just a few minutes.

3 days

We'll sign non disclosure agreement.

1 week
Game Test

We'll share access and compile your game. Show you how it runs and what needs to be done.

3 days
Publishing Agreement

We'll sign publishing agreement, just to be sure on the legal side of things.

1 month

Console vendor will now cuddle a bit with your game to test it.


And it's done. Your game is successfully on all platforms.

We can reach any platform

Getting to consoles is hard and lengthy process, which can hold you back many months, let's levarage our position of console developers and make your process simpler.

We can get your game to:

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 5
  • Nintendo Switch™

We can work with any engine

Is your game rocking on Unity, Unreal, Flax or you like torturing yourself in C++? We can work with that.

Is your game using Unity and is completely playable with just controller? Great, it can be live on Playstation in matter of a month.

Is your game working with keyboard and mouse, but you just cant get controller to work correctly? No problem, our experts will take a look.

We'll take care of localization

Your game depends on a lot of text, but you just happen to not be French and Japanese at the same time? No problem, we'll find the right guys or spin-up community translation.


We'll make your life simpler

Certification, testing, age ratings and other stuff - making all of this takes time. We know exactly what they need to include, so you can leave that part to us.

You don't even need to buy expensive devkit, you just test your game with controller and will take care of making it run seamlessly on all devices.

And don't worry, we don't like legal stuff as much as you. So you are only going to sign NDA and licensing agreement with us. That's only two agreements for all those platforms.

Made your mind?

Great, let's do it

Reach out to us and we'll think something up.

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